Broccoli advantages - TFA agri intiatives


Broccoli advantages - TFA agri intiatives

Broccoli is rich in vitamin K and C and also a great source of folic acid, broccoli also provides fiber and potassium
Vitamin c available in broccoli helps in wound and cut heal fiber which is available in broccoli helps in digestion. We at TFA cultivate broccoli in our farms at hosur and Connor. TFA grows broccoli inside polyhouse,growing broccoli inside Polyhouse helps in TFA achieve the required yeild,thereby maximize returns for our farmers. Brocolli grown in our TFA farms are hand picked seeds from Denmark and is real, we manage our broccoli farms thru full automated pest and irrigation methods imported from Israel. Our cutting farming helps is growing high grade broccoli.

Broccoli belongs to cabbage family; brocolli is produced in India at around 8.7 million tons. We at TFA are committed to growing high grade broccoli for domestic; our polyhouses are maintained at 24'C which is ideal for broccoli growth. We at TFA also ensure pest and disease does not affect the crop since we maintain temperature at less than 24C. Our polyhouses are well maintained and thru innovative crop management techniques from Israel and other countries. Post cultivation TFA markets broccoli thru wholesale and B2B and modern retrial. Broccoli is a main ingredient in exotic pizza. We also supply high grade broccoli for several five star hotels directly thru our distribution chain.

TFA ensures supple of broccoli within 24 hours from harvest to our customers. At present TFA agro does not supply directly to end customers, our supply chain is designed for delivery excellence to our wholesale partners in the lowest possible time. broccoli demand in india is slowly picking up due to incresed customer awareness

TFA grows broccoli due to high demand from our channel partners, customer awareness has recently increased many fold due to broccoli’s nutritional index. Broccoli is a short term crop and can be cultivated and harvested in sixty days. we at TFA agri grow broccoli throughout the year

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