What is Organic - An Understanding


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What is organic?

Anything that comes out of the soil thru natural process like in deep forests and blooms giving fruits for the human race can be termed as organic nature. Any produce which is unattended by human can be also termed as organic.

Organic vegetables?

It’s a myth many people believe that wilted vegetables are organic,

How can anything be organic by cultivating?

the cultivable land needs to be exposed to the vagaries of nature /weather for over a period of 8-10 years without cultivation this resulting in the leftover pesticide chemical fertilizer gets removed by the natural process resulting in that land becoming cultivable organically if desired.


The land needs to be sown with organically produced seeds/seedlings/plantations and only natural manure /ash/and other such bio degradable naturally occurring recyclable nutrients only to be used.


The output in an agricultural cultivable organic land if desired to be done organically will result in a produce which will be1/5 or 1/8 of otherwise produced inorganically.

For example in 1 acre

If organically produced tomato yields 500kg, the same process will yield around 3-4 tones with minimal chemical yield. Even a common pest which can be controlled easily if left unchecked will reduce yield by 100%

An analogy is applying bandage/medication to cut wound, if the wound is left without bandage the blood loss/risk of infection will be significant, resulting in devastating consequence.

Brief conclusion

To summarize to produce organic vegetables and fruits the task is humongous and the cost is exponential, risk is very many and verification is next to impossible if you want to validate in today’s scenario in India.

Hence residue free fruits and vegetables/grains is possible , as every crop has a detox capacity while growing by throwing the pesticide/chemical /fertilizer induced during the cultivation, production cycle.

Hence its is advisable to personally procure vegetables /fruits from any source but consciously dappling in fresh water for sizable time ,rinse it with a small tinge of salt and turmeric to remove the residues.

Grapes -->the grapes that grow in thousands of acres in India by and large are showered with chemicals, pesticides for better yield and looks.

It is clearly adviced to immerse the grapes purchased in water bowl for 3 hours so that all the residues are removed and it’s to be consumed after through rinsing with fresh water.

The only product that is till date organic and not yet contaminated with chemicals is Nongu /palm fruit.

No one has yet started applying chemicals and fertilizer to palm trees in Tamilnadu.

Even coconut water is highly suspicious with the amount of chemicals and pesticides being indiscriminately used. It is suggested there his no need to search for costly so called organic but simply buy the available fresh ones  and do the residue removal process which is easy and simple and is in our control.









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