Advantages of growing inside a Polyhouse


Here we list down some of the advantages of Polyhouse farming

Polyhouse is an controlled environment, there are multiple advantages of growing inside poly house.crops can be grown in a suitable  climatic condition where as it may not be possible to control growth in open field, it is possible to control the climate suitable to the growing plant.

A cucumber or lettuce requires a specific temperature to be maintained for ideal plant growth ,these conditions may not be available in open form,whereas in a controlled polyhouse environment it is possible to grow almost any kind of plant since the temperature and other factors are controlled

certain crops can be grown in open field only during specific times Of The Year where as in a polyhouse these crops can be grown around the year since the climate and other environmental factors are controlled within the poly house

the main problem in open cultivation is the management of pest and diseases.Inside a polyhouse insects and pests are greatly reduced since the polyhouse by virtue of being a controlled environment, external factors are greatly controlled, moreover there is no need to grow plants using soil inside a polyhouse. plants can be grown in cocoa pith and grow bags which Virtually eliminate and insects.


Polyhouse can be constructed in any part of the world even without soil. poly houses have been built on a rocky mountains, muddy soil,marsh lands  and all types of places where it is traditionally not possible to produce/cultivate plants

The need for water in a polyhouse is greatly controlled through reducing and recycling evaporation which is the major cause of water loss in open field. drip irrigation and modern agricultural methods can be easily incorporated within a controlled polyhouse environment.


All the external factors such as temperature, water, factors which affect crop yield such as insects pests etc can be controlled extent thereby assuring crop quantity and therefore maximizing crop Returns.

In open cultivation crop can suffer from external factors such as rain adverse weather conditions etc these are eliminated inside a polyhouse. A polyhouse being controlled environment protects the plants from any external influences like adverse weather conditions , therefore cultivation inside a polyhouse Virtually and guarantees a specific output which the farmer is assured of.

Since external factors are controlled and have little or no influence on plant growth cultivation is increased by 10 to 15 times compared to the traditional open house farming.

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