Agricultural challenges in 2030


agriculture by itself is a challenge in India. farmers in India face numerous challenges in growing a crop be it  from mother nature to political and things which are beyond their control

In one hand there is a need to grow more on the other hand there are increasing cost and declining profits. Farmers in India have seen their profits decline steadily over the last few decades many have left agriculture to work in major cities and lots of farmers are contemplating leaving their business shortly.

While farmers face declining production and declining profits there is a huge necessity to increase agricultural production to support human population.

The world economic Forum and FAO predict that existing food supplies must increase by 50 to 70% by the year 2050 if we are to support our human population.

TFA agri initiatives private limited is an agronomics company which helps farmers get better yield using their land Holdings

TFA uses only  scientific methodology which are proven across the world to enable our Indian farmers to get better crop yield.


For example let's take cucumber cultivation


The average farmer makes about X kilos of cucumber in one acre. TFA agri initiatives also cultivates cucumber in the same traditional manner however there are the following changes which are done by TFA compared to traditional open farming

  • We grow all our products with in a controlled polyhouse environment
  • polyhouse are designed in such a way there is a minimal requirement of water,thru water conservation. Water which is evaporated is captured & recycled
  • we make sure our polyhouses are fully capable of withstanding any kind of adverse weather conditions that of that may affect the crops
  • Polyhouses ensure the crop is not affected by rain ,snow, heat, wind etc

We also cultivate our crops in grow bags or cocopits .these are scientifically proven methods to grow produce without the need for extensive pesticides.grow bags and Coco pits ensure there is minimal weeds which greatly help in the end crop yield

We also employee scientist from India and Israel among other countries as our crop consultants these scientist have access to our farm 24/7 using Wi-Fi enabled cameras which allows the scientist to monitor our PF form in real time

Using agronomic methods our typical farm output is considerably improved and the benefit is directly passed on to the farmer. Making use of all available scientific methods helps TFA agri initiatives and in turn the farmer grow 20 to 30 times the typical yield.




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