Drip Irrigation and its advantages


Drip Irrigation and its advantages

Drip irrigation is the practice by using small amounts of water, nutrients and fertilizer uniformly in a sustained way across a specific area of crop cultivation primarily. The water, nutrients and fertilizer are delivered directly to the crop root zone, eliminating runoff, evaporation, wastage and drift.

This results in huge saving of water, minimum usage of fertilizer, nutrients thus saving huge cost and conservation of natural gift – water the vital source of life.

Drip irrigation systems are now widely practiced across the world and this has resulted in increased cultivation habits for a variety of crops  fruits , wine yards , narrow strip irrigatable locations , uneven surfaces, various vegetables , fruits and flowers etc.

Drip irrigation systems are being manufactured by many established organization’s world wide and there are many in India as well. The system can be customized according to any area specific needs and there are many experts and consultants who can throw light for every requirement and need.

The systems are available at a big price range and one has to choose the right manufacturer for long term were and tear as once fixed the drip irrigation system should be trouble free and work for long years.

Good material made of Poly ethylene propylene and other materials are by and large used for the produce of drip irrigation systems.

The system can be used either manually or using automation depending on the usage and availability of labor in any farm or such places.

When it is used manually, the limitation is the area to be covered and the availability of continuous labor thru out the watering period. Hence it is always available to automate the system and the drip irrigation system is designed as per the cultivation and the entire length of the drip tubing’s are buttoned for           ( buttoning is nothing but small holes over the whole length of the tubing’s which is fixed in the planting area of cultivation for water to drip to the roots directly ) optimum usage of water , nutrients and fertilizer .

There are enough studies which have proved beyond doubt that with drip irrigation system in place on a farm , not only the yield increases substantially , also the growth of weeds is reduced to a maximum extent thus reducing the labor cost , quality of the output of what ever crop that is grown is more healthier and look and feel is always better with flowers , vegetables etc as less fertilizers and pesticides are used . The health of the soil is also well maintained as weeds grown are minimized due to drip irrigation .

TFAINI has experienced in this form of cultivation of flowers and exotic vegetables in poly houses in particular and for any cultivation, farming needs and requirements, we are available for a free consultation and advise for the betterment of the farming community. TFAINI believes in farmers health and well being is the back bone of India and our pursuit is always for the growth of farmers agronomics and TFAINI believes in Transforming farmers thru Agronomics for a better and healthier India and the universe.

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