hydroponics in chennai


What is hydroponics ? hydroponics = hydro ( Water ) Phonics or PHONOS in Greek stands for WORK which basically means we use water to do all the cultivation / all the work that is needed / required for plants to grow

There are different methods in hydroponics which are available for cultivation of plants. NFT technique is quite popular and it stands for nutrient film technique

here in this NFT  technique water is basically flowing beneath the plants. roots are hanging in the channel. here the plants are able to absorb the nutrients directly from the flowing water

The plants are grown for about two to three weeks in the nursery and placed directly in net cups or net pods. The plants basically grow in network containing cocopits.This is also similar to soil-less agriculture

The concept of hydroponics is very simple we provide the plans all that is required to grow in a much simpler way so that the plant Gets All the nutrients directly from the flowing water and it grows at the much.In hydroponics since the water is recycled there is a much lesser requirement of fresh water and water inside greenhouse is conserved to a great extent

TFA has expertise in hydroponics and commercial cultivation we have our non-commercial hydroponics farm at Chennai interested to have a look at plants growing in PVC pipes and in multiple layers here in the simmering heat of Chennai ,contact us below and we will be happy to show you around.





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